The European Union ( Eu )

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The European Union (EU), as a supranational organization, has increased its stock of importance within the international realm through increased integration. Sector after sector has been targeted in attempts to create a more perfect union where all European member states are represented equally. That quest for deeper integration ultimately brought the founders of the EU at the threshold of defense and foreign policy. No one knows for sure the collective direction of the EU, only to say that the goals of the organization tends towards creating a federal state. That would mean that the EU would be the voice over all pertinent matters including foreign and security policy. It also happens to be that those two areas are held in high regard by …show more content…

By suggesting that the safety of European Community would be bolstered only in the cooperation of the European states in the rebuilding of Germany, these gentlemen put forth the theoretical beginnings to what the European Union is today. The idea was that the individual nations within the European Community would relinquish a portion of their state’s sovereignty in a massive effort to avoid the chance of another tragic war on the continent. More than any other continent on earth, the European continent had experienced, what seemed like, constant war between relatively close states. Because of this, it is definitely understandable the need for some significant peace time on the continent, and the utilization of this fragile moment in European history as a time to create a new, more interconnected community. Monnet, while wanting eventually, this collection of European states under a central authority, realized the time restraints:

“Jean Monnet had understood that any attempt to introduce a comprehensive institutional structure in one go would bring a huge outcry from the different countries and was doomed to failure. It was too early yet to envisage wholesale transfers of sovereignty. The war was too recent an experience in people 's minds and national feelings were still running very high (Schuman, 1950).”

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