The European Union Of The United States Of Europe

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In the midst of an influx of migrants and an ongoing Euro crisis, the disunity of the current European union has become apparent. The implementation of a “United States of Europe” - a partially federalized system with a popularly elected president - has been proposed. The alternative to this system is the potential abandonment of the Euro, and consequently European integration altogether. In contrast, some argue that deeper political and fiscal integration is impractical, and that the existence of a United States of Europe is not within the political reality of various European states. The European Union as it currently exists is a half-hearted attempt at integration; both arguments ultimately advocate change. The existence of a United States of Europe would result in a detrimental loss of state sovereignty and presents an insurmountable challenge of unification on political, societal, and cultural levels. The sovereignty of separate European states is a crucial consideration in the existence of a United States of Europe - without sovereignty, states have no power or autonomy within the global system. There needs to be nearly absolute political and economic control over the European states in order for the system to function. However, the loss of sovereignty is a dominant concern for European states. Council President Herman Van Rompuy, in the video ASK ME: "United states of Europe" - not a political reality, references the difference between the United States and Europe

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