The Influence and Role of Current U.S. Foreign Policy in Modern Italy

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The Influence and Role of Current U.S. Foreign Policy in Modern Italy Since the beginning of the European Union, Europe has attempted to move forward as one unit in order to compete with the United States and to be a strong force around the globe. In a statement made by the Washington ambassadors of the present and acceding members to the European Union in May 2004, they stated, Europe now, for the first time in modern history, is a partnership sharing common values and a commitment to harmony and cooperation. The dream of European integration, shared by the United States, is now being realized, leaving behind us the wasteful era of wars, hostility, and inequalities. We are on the road to a Europe enjoying a unity and…show more content…
Italy should prove to be a good resource for due to their well-developed research and development program.? Italy and the United States are in cooperation for this project under a bilateral science and technology agreement and under the implementation of the International Energy Agency.? This technology has important advantages such as more efficient fuel cells that can be used safely while improving the environment and public health.? With Italy being part of this research, they have the opportunity to add jobs to work with the hydrogen technology.? Once the technology is developed and put into use, the countries involved will have the opportunity to purchase competitively priced hydrogen power vehicles.? This would impact the economy for Italy since they will have state of the art vehicles that would be more affordable to its citizens than if they were not involved with developing this technology.? Working with these organizations also improves relations between the United States and Italy and opens the door for future dealings and future U.S. policies that would directly benefit Italy.? Container Security Initiative ?On June 16, 2003, U.S. Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Robert Bonner announced that the Container Security Initiative [CSI] would take affect and be operational in the port of Genoa, Italy. ( Under
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