The Eurozone Crisis As A Multi Year Debt Struggle

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The Eurozone crisis is defined as a multi-year debt struggle that began as early as 2009 and originated in several of the Eurozone states. These countries were not able to pay back the debt they continuously built up even with help from institutions such as the European Financial Stability Facility, the European Central Bank, and the International Monetary Fund. The debt the European Union members acquired were not considered a crisis until after the Great Recession in 2009. This is because some countries released false reports, which soon became discovered, regarding their economic stance. States were able to deceive other nations by inconsistent accounting, off-balance sheet transactions, and the use of complex currency and credit derivatives structures. Greece is considered the main culprit for causing the majority of the debt within the European Union. The Economic and Financial Committee are responsible for receiving and organizing these reports. Fabricated reports were easy for nations to submit due to the established rules set and the organization of the Maastricht Treaty created on February 7, 1992 right before the European Union was established. Furthermore, the Maastricht treaty was responsible for the creation of the European Union and it reflected the serious intentions of all countries to create a common economic monetary union (Investopedia). It provided rigorous economic regulations, known as “convergence criteria” (Jason Voss, CFA) in which it is mandatory

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