The Soveregin Euro Crisis

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It rarely truncated the internal integration of economic crisis but also accentuate effects to immediate distant nations including Australia (Malcolm Edey, 2011). The Euro zone member states experienced sovereign debt crisis which largely affected international economic and European integration. Regional economic crisis had immediate and clear effects on the far off nations including Australia. The sovereign debt crisis emanated from Euro zone governments facing bond market rates and unsustainable to repayments. These culminated in low resolution measures and high public debt (Prideaux, 2000) This meant potential decline in the GDP and decreased levels of exports. The EU summit was seen as a hope to a resolution of the European crisis but the agreement by the European leaders lacked focus on resolving the immediate issues. Its great attention was guaranteeing the survival of the Euro zone in its current form. There is a real possibility of departure of one or more countries from the Euro zone. Financial markets geographically distant from Europe to face European crisis.
Australia has over the last four years resisted the impending decline of economic recession as a result of the Euro crisis (Parkinson, 2011). Following the US sub-prime aggravated the global financial crisis as it defiantly causes an economic recession in most of…

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