The Evaluations Of Advantages And Disadvantages Of Solar System

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The evaluations of advantages and disadvantages of solar system While the majority of the world power supply by fossil fuels, such as oil, coal and natural gas, these traditional energy now are facing a number of challenges including the pollutions, rising prices and the limitation of fuel supplies. As a result of these challenges, the alternative renewable power source has been chosen. The reason why solar power becomes a trendy source is that the solar power not only renewable but also has technology development in the future. However, it still has several problems to use this energy generally. This essay will show the limitations of using the solar power system, which including weather dependent, space requirement and the high cost. These drawbacks can be minimized in three ways: Firstly, by using the new innovation which can reduce the effect of weather changing. Secondly, by using the PV system to reduce the space required. Finally, people can apply for the government scheme to release the financial pressures from installing domestic solar systems. One of the most urgent problems is that the solar system is weather dependent. Although the system can still collect solar energy during cloudy and rainy days, the efficiency of it drops. The solar panels are dependent on sunlight to collect the solar energy. Therefore, the weather can have a significant effect on the energy system. To solve this problem, nowadays, a new table is designed to generate power by using solar

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