The Events And Connecting Dots Intrigues

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If current events and connecting dots intrigues you, you may enjoy the read. For others, the last section brings all "surge" experiences together.
Last weekend, the phone rang. The east coast number surprised me. It was from a long lost friend. With a smile on my face, I picked up. As we finished catching up, I asked him what urged him to call. He was candid, “I am stranded at home, the historic snow storm and intermittent Internet made me contemplative, I picked up the phone to catch up.” I chuckled. First time, extreme weather played good sport in reconnecting friends.
My last memory of weather and a chuckle was when I first moved to Houston. My grandfather, living in his familiar environs in a village in South India, wanted to know about Houston weather. I thought for a moment and told him, “Air conditioned Chennai.” Chennai, like Houston, is a coastal city.
My grand father chuckled - he could imagine the mix of heat, humidity and full- fledged air-conditioner blasting cool air practically everywhere you move.
And those air-conditioners were in full throttle on a hot Texas day in August 2011. What was unusual about that day, there was no cloud cover across the state. The power plants were cranking up at their full capacity, the heat was blistering and supply was tight. Surge pricing, made famous by Uber, was in effect for electricity. It had a less fancy name, super peak pricing. The nuanced difference from Uber, there was a price cap like Lyft. The major difference,

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