The Evolution Of Dance, The Italian Renaissance, And The French Revolution

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“The body says what words cannot” (Martha Graham). This quote helps explain how the body can move in ways to help explain cultures and events that have happened. The body can move in ways to show emotion that people are sometimes unable to explain with words. Different styles of dance have evolved dramatically over the years and can even be used in the modern world as a profession.
Dance has been affected by many events including religious rituals that helped form the art of dance, the Italian Renaissance, and the French Revolution. “Dance was originally reserved for religious rituals in ancient civilizations” (“Dance” 1). Dance was used in the religions: Judaism, Christianity, and Islamic. In ancient Egypt, different cultures would use dance to perform for their peers in ceremonies. Dance spread throughout Europe and soon became a common activity in many European countries. Dance also played a part in Greek and Roman society. Dance was used for religious purposes and was also demonstrated in ceremonies. “Dancing commemorated the changing of the seasons, life and death, social solidarity, and the connection between humanity and the unseen powers that affected human existence” (“Overview of Dance” 2). Dance would also be used in the Greek society to honor a god or an important individual. Ballet can be dated all the way back to the Italian Renaissance. In the fifteenth century, ballet was demonstrated during the courts of Italy. Ballet was not made to be performed in front of

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