The Evolution Of Formal Personality Theory

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The history of formal personality theory began with Sigmund Freud, was then confronted by Carl Jung, and continued to evolve from then on, encompassing cultural, gender, and identity issues. The early theorists concentrated on predominant concepts that struggled to account for every stage of development and explore into the depths of the human mind. Freud’s impact is so pervasive, his theory remains the foundational work for the study of personality all across the charts. Theorists Carl Jung, Alfred Adler, Eric Erikson whom all embodied Freud’s concepts, along with multiple other theorists who followed, are all also significant forerunners whose philosophies are just as correspondingly innovative. This paper will trace the progression of personality theory from Freud to Jung and beyond, and then examine the possible influences of technology and social media on personality development in the 21st century.
Think back to yourself when you were a lot younger, at 11, 14 or 18 years old. Think about your appearance, your fashion sense, and your braces. Think about the music you listened to and the weird things you & your friends would say. If you’re like most people you’ll probably cringe. You know that that goofy 14 year old in your memory is you and no one else, but damn, it’s so strange to imagine yourself as almost a different person; thinking/feeling/perceiving the world not at all how you do now. It’s actually embarrassing to realize that this younger, unfamiliar

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