The Evolution Of Health Care

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What is quality in health care? We can divide it into three elements:
1. Care by practitioners and other providers which means receive correct diagnosis and an appropriate strategy of care from practitioners; and convenience, comfort, quite, privacy, food etc. from care providers.
2. Care Implemented by patient that means patient should take care not only for him or herself but also for his or her family. It is patient’s responsibility if he or she succeed or fail of getting health care.
3. Care received by community as the whole. People should judge the social distribution of levels of quality in the community. It depends on who has an access more or less to care and after having access, receiving it in good or low quality. The evolution of health care in the United States started over 300 years ago. It is divided into six main important eras: the charitable, the educational era, the insurance era, the government era, the managed care era and the consumerism era. The charitable includes period from about 1700 to about 1830. In the beginning of this period, health care was provided voluntarily in public houses mostly for needy citizens. Those who had money could afford seen or treated at homes. The firs hospital was built in Philadelphia in 1752, after about 40 years hospital in New York opened their doors for people who need a treat. At the same time in New York state passed licensure act that person who wants to practice medicine or surgery must have been examined

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