The Evolution Of Logistics Within Warfare

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When considering the evolution of logistics in warfare, it is important to realize that both opportunities and problems must be recognized for the former to be capitalized upon and the latter to be resolved. The first recorded war occurred in approximately 2700 BC; however, the prevailing attitude towards logistics in warfare remained largely unchanged for approximately 4,600 years, and that is a problem. Even among recognized experts in warfare, up until the 20th century, logistics was eschewed as a necessary evil. However, it was not considered to be an opportunity, as evidenced by Clausewitz, “so its maintenance is always a necessary condition. But, strictly viewed, all activities thus connected with it are always to be regarded only …show more content…


The U.S. military has been one of the major if not primary innovators of logistics in warfare since WW1, and particularly during and after WW2. In fact, during WW2 the Germans lacked mechanized transport to a stunning degree, and to further complicate matters, the Germans lacked standardization. The lack of standardization is shown by the Luftwaffe having over 425 models and variants of aircraft it relied on. Whereas the U.S. strove to rely on fewer models to streamline the requirements for spare parts. Additionally, 80 to 85 percent of the Wehrmacht was supplied by horses, in fact the Germans used more horses during WW2 than they had during WW1. Further complicating matters, to mechanize transport for 15 percent of their military they confiscated trucks, to the point of having 151 different types and models in service. By contrast the U.S. used one primary truck the “deuce and a half”, thus reducing the strain of having the correct spares in the correct place when needed (Tucker & Tucker, 2016, pp. 1034 - 1035). It should also be noted that it was the U.S. that provided mechanized transport to all allied armies, which was largely lacking prior to this. Thus the U.S. altered how all military forces view the role of not only logistics but of mechanized transport in warfare. One other important change brought on during WW2 was the use of air logistics. To a limited extent

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