The Exchange Along The Silk Road Of Central Asia

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Paper is perhaps one of the most momentous and enduring innovations that were exchanged along the silk road from the east to the west. The invention of paper can be traced back to a man called Ts'ai Lun who was the Chief eunuch in the Imperial Chinese Court of the Han Dynasty . He combined hemp, bark of bamboo,mulberry trees, and fish nets to produce this unique material and by 4 CE, the use of paper as a writing material spread throughout China.

The journey of paper outside China continued victoriously towards the silk roads of Central Asia. From Central Asia, paper made its way into the Islamic world in the year 751 CE. According to Arabic traditions, the Arabs fought and defeated a Chinese army at Samarkand ( a city in present day Uzbekistan ). Some of the captured soldiers were paper manufacturers from whom the Arabs learned the science of papermaking. …show more content…

The importance of paper in human history is paramount. It enabled convenient, cheap, fast, and lasting documentation and sharing of knowledge, recording of literature, legal, and administrative documents and smoothened communication among people. The navigation of this remarkable innovation from China to the rest of the world became possible through the historic Silk

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