The Existence Of A Patriarchal Society

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Debrah Abraham Professor Doucet English 1 October 30, 2015 Word Count: ?????? The Existence of a Patriarchal Society Throughout history, men have continued to hold the position of power and authority in society. Generally, men disregarded what women had to say and believed that women were incapable of making decisions on their own. Rather than creating a society, which established equal and fair power, the men wanted to control everyone including women. Some men even abused and manipulated women in order to get the power they desired. Men held more dominant positions in society and therefore had a higher social ranking. Men were granted the jobs that involved having a large amount of power as well as making influential decisions. Men were the leaders of society while women were forced to abide by the rules. If women were to resist or oppose the demands of men, they would likely face harsh punishments. Some men discouraged movements that supported women’s freedom and their right to lead an independent life. Men wanted to keep a society that would allow them to maintain their power and authority over women. Some women believed that men were granted undeserved privileges solely due to their gender. Although many individuals may argue that the male dominant society only existed in certain cultures, it is evident that such authority and ideas spread throughout the world. Till today, society tends to give the males more authority and power than the females. Many individuals still

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