The Existence Of Inter Class Friendship

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The Existence of Inter-Class Friendship in E.M. Forster 's 'A Passage to India '


Interaction is the source of culture; no man is in a vacuum, each person inevitably interacts with the other people. The interactions between people foregrounds the rise of human institution and culture in the nation. This is also the case for different countries and nations. Interaction between different nations has several reasons; it may be cultural, political and economic. Literature may stands for cultural interaction. International convention may be a political one and trade is the economic. However, of the three, literature has been more interesting since one can witness politics, culture and economy in a literary work.

Literary works written from the beginning up to the present are shaped by the nature of interaction. Ancient writers, in their works, deal with the idea of war and bravery. In the
Odyssey, the earliest written literary work, the second chapter is about Egypt and Phoenicia. He depicts the Phoenicians as cruel, merciless and barbaric tribes. During the Middle Ages East has a very similar image to that of Homer, but this time religion shapes the nature of interaction. In Chaucer, for instance, infidels inhabit east; he calls for a crusade (Canterbury Tales). After the 15th century East becomes the source of wealth, therefore, writers deal with East more seriously. Particularly, after the modern era, beginning with industrial revolution, east acquires
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