The Expansion Of The Spanish Empire Essay

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Religion is an integral part of human history which acts as a rich source of culture across many nations. Arguably, Religion works as a powerful driving force for globalization. It is not only means by which to spread culture but is a form of cultural convergence which excuses and encourages brutal behaviour on non european cultures. This essay will use Spanish imperialism to support this point of view, demonstrating how the war against the Aztec people became a battle of the gods, devastating their faith in the process. The concept of civilizing people will also be explored as well as its link to slavery and the Spanish economy. A combination of primary and secondary sources written by both the Spanish and Aztec people will be used to support this thesis-- as this provides multiple viewpoints. Before analysing religion 's role in the expansion of the Spanish empire, a brief history will be given.
The Spanish empire found its beginnings when Ferdinand II of Aragon and Isabella I of Castile married bringing together their two domains under one monarchy. Inspired by Portugal 's new worldly discoveries, Spain set forth to conquer the new world sending out the famous explorer Christopher Columbus in search of riches found in the east. While Columbus failed to get to India, he did find his riches in the Americas and in the west indies. For the next century, the Spanish empire continued the grow spanning across oceans, the empire was so vast it was said the sun never set.

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