The Expansionary Fiscal Policy And The Monetary Policy

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When the Federal government has to find ways to regain any money lost they lean on the expansionary Fiscal policy and the monetary policy to regain money into the economy. Whether, a change in taxes or even government spending. Even to the three major tools of the expansionary monetary policy to focus on. In the first part of this paper, I will discuss the expansionary fiscal policy and how the Federal government was involved and the changes that needed to be made to taxes, government spending. The second part of this paper, I will discuss the monetary policy and the tools the Federal Reserve used when under this policy. The expansionary fiscal policy was out to kick start the economy, and the expansionary monetary policy was out to change interest rate, and influence money supply. When discussing these two policies you have to think about one aspect when will it ever stop? Will a policy always have to be part of the economy to help the government one way or another? In the first part of this paper, I will discuss the effect that the expansionary fiscal policy had on the Federal government and the impact on these changes the expansionary fiscal policy when it came to taxes and Government spending. Let’s start by talking about how taxes had to have necessary changes when it came to expansionary fiscal policy. You can think of taxes as being taxes that come from consumer spending, taxes on checks or even taxes on things you own. When thinking of what taxes affect the only

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