The Experience, The Product, And Their Perfect Marriage

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Disney: The Experience, the Product, and their Perfect Marriage
An Analysis of Market Segmentation and Strategy
Francetta Renee Clausell

Marketing 571
Professor Hawe
March 9, 2015
How do you reach prospective buyers when trying to attract them to a new product or service? Convince them that it is useful, rare, and exclusive, makes life easier or more convenience—that they need whatever product or service you are selling. Sounds easy enough, but it is not—so much so that people devote careers and lifetimes to studying consumer behavior, psychology, and reactions. Assembling potential consumers into smaller groups—segments—allows companies to perceive and address the needs of different categories of consumers and predict how …show more content…

This intentionally wide, but highly personal marketing approach lends itself to a larger customer base and brand loyalty. Disney strategically gears advertising and products toward households of median income and children ages 12 and under. For children, Disney provides an unparalleled magical experience and constant entertainment. For grandparents, they witness their grandchildren experience “the happiest place on earth”, just as they had growing up. Walt Disney himself once stated, “You’re dead if you aim only for kids. Adults are only kids grown up, anyway”. Disney conducts extensive research to attract their target markets, and therefore is able to create products and entertainment that are frequently updated to appeal to new and ever-evolving consumer interests. However, it is the parents that are perhaps the most important segment. For Disney, it is necessary to maintain its good reputation and high standards to attract parents. Advertisements are deliberate and calculated including emotive words like “magic”, “love”, and “happiness”. Disney is known for high quality goods/services, has time-legitimacy (i.e., name recognition), fair prices, safe content, and cheerfulness. Employees are called “cast members” and visitors to the park are called “guests” and as stated before their creative team are known as “imagineers”. Disney, in a way, through understanding how to spark a predictable reaction in its target

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