The Experience, The Product, And Their Perfect Marriage

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Disney: The Experience, the Product, and their Perfect Marriage
An Analysis of Market Segmentation and Strategy
Francetta Renee Clausell

Marketing 571
Professor Hawe
March 9, 2015
How do you reach prospective buyers when trying to attract them to a new product or service? Convince them that it is useful, rare, and exclusive, makes life easier or more convenience—that they need whatever product or service you are selling. Sounds easy enough, but it is not—so much so that people devote careers and lifetimes to studying consumer behavior, psychology, and reactions. Assembling potential consumers into smaller groups—segments—allows companies to perceive and address the needs of different categories of consumers and predict how they will react to marketing and advertisements. This process is called market segmentation. Marketing segmentation is oftentimes based on demographics (age, gender, socioeconomic class, etc.) and consumer behavior (how certain consumers think and how that influences their spending decisions). Companies, like Disney for example, that have a good grasp on market segmentation utilize it to create lasting value and brand loyalty tend to be diverse in their product and service offerings and expansive in scope and influence.
One of Disney’s greatest marketing attributes is that its products and services have wide consumer appeal. Disney is duplicitous in that it targets customers of all ages (homogeneity) but also understands that children…
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