The Exploration of Doubt in Religion

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. . is an illness that comes from knowledge and leads to madness”. Many people are raised with a belief instilled in them. As people mature and learn more about the world, many start to question their religious identities. Many people don’t doubt God’s existence publicly because he has a huge presence in most communities. People fear judgement. I realize as I grow older that it’s common to doubt and question your religion that you’ve committed to by performing religious practices such as, church and praying. “The Lightening is a yellow Fork” by Emily Dickinson, “Uphill” by Christina Rossetti, and “Unholy Sonnet, After the Praying” by Mark Jarman portray the doubt many religious people develop of God’s existence when exploring one’s religious identity. These poems will encourage the reader to believe in a welcoming, forgiving and limitless God existing despite the doubts. “The Lightning is a yellow Fork” by Emily Dickinson conveys the lack of knowledge people have towards God that leads to the uncertainty of God’s existence. Dickinson states, “the apparatus of the dark” (7). This partially revealed apparatus and the sketchy illustration of the mansion in the heavens that are “never quite disclosed and never quite concealed” (6-7). This symbolizes the boundless, unforeseeable and mystifying power of God. No matter how close one looks at the ‘mansions’ in the heavens, one will never…

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