The Eyes Of The Modern World Have Long Borne Witness To

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The eyes of the modern world have long borne witness to the political turmoil that exists throughout the Middle East. In countries like Egypt, Syria, Iraq, and Libya citizens are not so fortunate as to call themselves the witnesses of this turmoil, but they are in fact the victims. Middle Easterners have long been the victims of corrupt systems of government and have endured the civil oppression forced upon them by these governments. In 2010 Middle Easterners began to collectively take a stand against this oppression. Widespread demonstrations and protests began in the middle of December as Middle Easterners began to take action against their governments. This movement spread all throughout the Middle East and would eventually become known…show more content…
Political dissent has long been common in the minds of Middle Easterners. So why is it only in recent years that they are able to take organized action against their oppressive governments? The rise in Middle Eastern political protest is largely due to the rise in popularity of social media websites and the sense of community that they can provide. “The use of social media was important and effective in the Arab Spring revolutions to the extent that citizens were empowered to take action because of the networks that were created” (Davison 8). Social media provided a means by which Middle Eastern dissentients could network and collaborate. This idea delves deeper into the human element associated with a globalized network and the empowering effect that a sense of community provides. Middle Easterners no longer felt isolated, they no longer needed to fear the suppression of their civil rights; social media provided a safe means through which Middle Easterners could express their opinions. “(Social media)… helped protesters hold online discussions and organize and stage popular uprisings” (Frangonikolopoulos 1). Middle Easterners now had access to the tools necessary to unify against their governments because of social media. Through social media, they could form networks of support and could inform the western world, in real time, how
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