The Facility 's Risk Management Program

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Running head: SLP 4 Richard Jenkins 1 SLP 4 Richard Jenkins 6 Describe and discuss the facility 's Risk Management program. Do you feel their Risk Management program is adequate? Compare and critique the subject facility 's Risk Management program to that of a model facility and whether the facility adheres to the recognized standard for risk management. Identify areas for improvement in the facility 's Risk Management program, if any, and any recommendations you think should be implemented to lower risks in the facility. Give valid reasons for your answer. Richard Jenkins Trident University Introduction Mercy Hospital is a full service healthcare facility located in Portland, Maine. The risk management policy…show more content…
The plan also identifies that risk management staff education will also be performed periodically via declared Health and Safety representatives, incident reports, complete action plans, staff feedback, and meetings. They have also identified the required evaluation methods necessary to complete the risk plan implemented. The plan also lists associated documentation both external and internal that also have effect within the plan. The Mercy Health risk management plan also lists some process examples for risk identification. The plan effectively identifies two primary modes of risk assessment: likelihood of occurrence with associated consequences and the severity associated as well. They?ve created an effective and clear table that associates different likelihoods with severities and assigning numerical codes to them on a 4-point system with a 1 score being the most severe and 4 being the most minimal. They have also implemented a consequence table with labeled severities from minimal to severe which also includes specific incidents/consequences. They then take the scores from the likelihood and consequence tables and multiply them together to achieve the Severity Assessment Code (SAC). They have classified differing levels of SACs. Each corresponding to a different severity and necessary action plan. They then have established a
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