The Factors Of Political Socialization

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Cheryl Lee
Robin Datta
November 13, 2015

Exam #2

Similar to many of the things we are introduced to growing up as humans, our political knowledge is one of the things that does not derive from one specific source. Our thoughts on politics is constantly evolving and maturing as we encounter different agents throughout our lives. These agents of political socialization include our family, our education, the media, and many more. They shape our values and beliefs from the moment we are born to the moment we die. Our family environment contributes to our interest in politics in the future, our education teaches us the fundamentals of American government and politics, and lastly the media continuously shapes our view of the government. All three of these agents, are crucial in allowing us to understand ourselves and our beliefs today. Many intellects will argue that family is one of the most important agents in regards to political socialization (cite). This comes as no surprise, as children we are incapable of making rational decisions for ourselves. Thus, our parents and family members are tasked with making the best possible choices for us instead. In fact, as children we want to please our parents so we are receptive to their views, this includes political beliefs. (Stockwell, Chapter 6: Public Opinion, Political Socialization, and the Media.) Furthermore, our family can also have an effect on how we view politics in our future. Studies show “Children whose parents

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