The Factors That Influence Our Upbringing Essay

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Culture is a huge part of our lives and our identity. It shapes and influences who we become and who we are along with other aspects. We all grew up differently, and there are various factors that influence our upbringing that shape what we think of others and how we treat them. This is why it is important to examine not only others’ culture, but also most importantly, we have to start with ourselves and reflect, as this will benefit us especially in the field of social work. Growing up, I always had this idea in my head that light-skinned people live a very fun and privileged life. Everyone wanted and desired to be like them. My peers, friends, television and the media influenced this viewpoint and mindset. I was also influenced to think that rich people get certain privileges that those who belong to social classes below them do not have. It seemed that this was the normal way of thinking and that economic factors are a huge indicator to the privileges and access you receive in your life. Economic status was hugely dependent on ethnicity, or so I thought. Money and skin colour seemed to determine your social status and how people treat you as well. I was raised in the Philippines in a good Christian environment and went to a private Christian school, which taught me that everyone is equal and to treat everyone the same: with respect and kindness. I also learned these beliefs from my family, as they really valued building good relationships with other people and treating
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