Human Behavior And Human Development Essay

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While the study of human genes is increasingly improving our understanding of human development, it is not solely our genetic makeup that determines how we will develop. Humans as a species share many universal traits, which make it easy to disregard the large influence the environment plays in development. Throughout the lifespan, the environment presents itself in many different positions that help determine and shape human development. By looking at the influence of the environment and genetics on human development we are able to create a more holistic view of this process and gain a better understanding of the complexities involved within it. Through this comprehensive lens, it is easy to see how probabilistic human development offers the greatest amount of explanation, unlike the predetermined views of genetic influence in the past, and that environmental influence has an extensive impact on human behavior. Throughout human history, there have been many shared processes and factors related to development. Evolutionary psychology is a branch of psychology that has developed based on the idea that humans have shared behavioral traits. Demonstrations of these shared human traits can be seen in fixed patterns. These fixed patterns, such as yawning and attachment, are unlearned behaviors ever present in human development, allowing us to overestimate the power of genetics on human development as a whole (Newman & Newman, 2016). While fixed patterns do have a largely
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