Essay on The Facts about Skin Cancer

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Skin Cancer
What is Skin Cancer?
Skin cancer: is created by a malignant growth of cells that are found on the outer layers of the skin. Quite a few types of cancers can grow in the skin. The two common ones are basal and squamous cell carcinoma. These two are preferably known as non-melanoma skin cancer.
What are the causes of Skin Cancer?
Skin cancer is typically caused by long term exposures to ultraviolet (UV) radiation. UV radiation can damage our genetic information (DNA) in the cells enabling them to deteriorate, or not have the ability to function properly causing them to multiply out of control. In addition to obtaining skin cancer from UV radiation, the environment can play a great factor towards our health.
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To detect if a patient or someone has developed skin cancer, a doctor must carefully examine their body. The doctor needs to spot the growths, moles, and dry patches to see if any changes had appeared. In order to get a better look, the dermatologists use a tool called a dermascope. This device is used to reflect light on the skin. It expands the skin allowing the doctor to be exposed to the different layers and tincture of the skin. If the doctor detects skin irregularities, the doctor can remove it or at least some small parts. The extra skin cells will be sent off to a laboratory in order to run tests on the substance. This is called a biopsy. A biopsy can be a diagnostic method to see if someone has skin cancer. This is very crucial step because without a biopsy it is impossible to seek clarification.
Different forms of treatments provided for Skin Cancer?
Depending on where it is found on the body, how it appears and if it is aggressive, doctors may be able to treat it. The different options for treating skin cancer are:
• Surgical treatment: the main purpose is to remove the cancer before it spreads, which may be impossible.
Doctors often engage in these other procedures:
• Excision: The doctors uses anesthesia to solidify the patient’s skin. The doctors then surgically cut the skin and remove

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