Who Is Napoleon A Hero

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Napoleon became a hero in France because when he was only nine years of age he was sent to military school. Now he finished his schooling at only 16 and became a lieutenant in the artillery. Napoleon joined the army when the Revolution Broke out. October 1795 royalist rebels marched on the National Convention, Napoleon was told to defend the delegates by a government officer. He greeted them with a connonade and as they rushed in they were confused and panicked and Napoleon was hailed and became the hero of the hour. In 1796, Napoleon lead a French army against Austria forces and crossing the Alps he went into Italy and won a series of victories. To protect French trade and disrupt British, India trade, he led and expedition to Egypt, but he did not have the same success as in Egypt. Admiral Haratio Nelson was victorious over Napoleon. But, Napoleon kept all things bad out of newspapers and was still a hero to the people in France. The Directory had lost control of the French people's confidence and political situation in 1799. Napoleon’s friends tried to urge him to have political power when he returned from Egypt. Lawmakers dissolved the Directory and established three consuls and one was Napoleon. He took the power of a dictator quickly. That today is called a coup(French phrase coup d’etat or blow to the state in English). At this time France was still at war. Britain, Russia, and Austria joined forces in 1799 to try to drive Napoleon from Power. As a result if war they

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