The Failure of Education in Pakistan

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Education plays an important role in producing skilled individuals and leading the economy towards the path of sustainable economic development. It is only because of education that new technologies and advancement has occurred. Similarly poor educational system may be one of the most important reasons why poor countries do not grow. This is the main reason why the quality of education has a declining trend in Pakistan. The population of Pakistan is more than 180 million but the literacy rate of Pakistan is only 58 percent whereas according to Economic definition, a literate person is one who can read and write his/her name. But many people don’t even know how to read and write. There are many important factors which are responsible for failure in education in Pakistan. Nearly 16% of Pakistan's adult population has completed higher education whereas in other countries it is below than 12%. Other factor is that there is not any awareness of education and its importance due to highly conservative ideas. Moreover there are many other reasons of failure of education in Pakistan is difference in education standards like most of the schools on Pakistan are following Cambridge system, a UK based system, some are following Government system which is different according to provinces, and some are following the madarasa system which is broadly consists of religious education. Due to this there comes a difference in opinion of the students of these systems. The other problem that
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