The Failure of the League of Nations and the Outbreak of War in 1939

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The Failure of the League of Nations and the Outbreak of War in 1939

There are many causes for the outbreak of the Second World War. These include the failure of the League of Nations, the Treaty of Versailles, Hitler's actions and so on. Some of them are more important then others and are mostly linked with another cause.

The failure of the League of Nations was one of the main reasons for the outbreak of war. It exposed weaknesses which encouraged Hitler to invade. The League had failed to resolve the major political disputes. There were a number of such incidents but the most important ones were the Manchurian Crisis, 1931 and the Abyssinian Crisis, 1935. In 1931, the members of the League …show more content…

The League of Nations was established after World War One to keep peace, one of its functions was to uphold the Treaty of Versailles. This led a lot of people to feel that the League is a force representing the winners of the First World War against the Germans. This made people to connect it with the harshness of the Treaty and so led to a lack of trust in the League of Nations. For example the Germans were bitter that they had to accept the total blame for starting the war and hated the fact they had to pay reparations of £6,600,000,000 and didn't want anything that stood for it.

Hitler saw all these weaknesses of the League and believed that if he invaded a country the League would be unable to stop him. This was a very important reason because if Hitler thought he had powerful oppositions, he might not have started war.

Versailles was the peace treaty made at the end of the First World War and another cause of the Second World War. It caused a lot of resentment in Germany, as it was seen by its people (and by other countries) as extremely harsh. Germany had to pay a large amount of reparations, which it could not afford to do so since the War had also damaged the German economy. The Treaty demanded disarmament of Germany and demilitarisation of the

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