Essay on Treaty of Versailles' Role in Hitler's Rise to Power

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Treaty of Versailles' Role in Hitler's Rise to Power

The Treaty of Versailles was important to Hitler's rise to power because, it was the cause of Germany's downfall. Hitler felt very strongly about the Treaty of Versailles and thought the terms were unfair towards Germany. Many German people also despised the treaty, and wanted something done about it. Hitler was there to turn to. He wanted to abolish the treaty and all of it terms. Consequently the Treaty of Versailles helped to cause the Economic depression, in Germany. Meaning that the treaty and the economic depression were both linked together strongly, because the treaty told Germany to pay reparation bills, around £6600 million to the …show more content…

He was charged and arrested for treason after hijacking a government meeting and taking over the government of Bavaria. It is linked because in Hitler's trial he impressed the judges so much they only sentenced him to 9 months instead of the normal life sentence. This was important to Hitler if he wouldn't had have been such a great speaker then he would have never had a chance to rule over Germany as well as all the publicity He got from Mein Kampf, which He wrote in the time He was in prison. Mein Kampf clarified Hitler's ideas about Germany's future.

Hitler's skills are also linked to the Treaty of Versailles because he always spoke about it in his speeches. It's linked to the Economic depression as well because the people wouldn't have had listened to Hitler if there was no economic crisis, they would have no reason to, as they wouldn't need to turn to anyone for help.

The economic disaster was linked with many causes one of them being the decision by Papen and Hindenburg to appoints Hitler as chancellor in 1933, because of the chaos in Germany after the economic depression the government didn't no what to do. They needed a scapegoat to get them out of the picture. They had to make a decision quickly or Germany was in trouble and couldn't sort it out themselves so

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