The Fairy Tale Cinderella Hurts God's Vision Of Woman, Man And Their Family

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How the Fairy Tale “Cinderella” Hurts God’s Vision of Woman, Man and Their Family
It was a long time ago when God created the first woman from man’s rib as a beautiful gift to him, and wanted them to become one flesh. Her role is to be a good helper, a gentle and compassionate caregiver to her husband and kids, a companion, and a reliable advisor. As the man presents the image of God, a woman presents the image of man so they are both God made. Man is obligated to protect his woman, to speak up for his family, to be a primary breadwinner, and to take leadership in their relationship. He is expected to be strong in his body and mind. Man should also love and respect his wife and their kids for God’s glory. Thus, a woman is supposed to be submissive to her man, be gentle, emotional, and spiritual. The marriage relationship is meant to serve one another and to fulfill each other. The fairy tale “Cinderella” by brothers Grimm destructs God’s order and misinterprets the role of woman and man. Only Cinderella is submissive to her father even if there is no strong daughter-father connection between them. That is why she does not seek help from him but from her tree and the birds. The stepmother and her daughters are not obedient to the husband and father and he blankly spoils them. Cinderella’s father does not protect her from his bad wife, stays impassive about his child miserable life and puts her life in risk. Thus prince is charmed by Cinderella’s beauty only as she has no

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