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Over two billion people around the globe profess to be a Christian. Christians live in every continent contributing to the numerous languages praising this one God. Christianity has been present the past two thousand years and is a uniting force for these people who come from such different backgrounds and cultures. There are beliefs in the Christian worldview that join together the followers of this faith. This paper will discus the beliefs Christians hold about God, humanity, Jesus, and restoration, as well as provide an analysis and a personal reflection.
The Christian worldview holds the belief in God at its foundation. There is one sovereign God who created the universe. God existed before creation and has the …show more content…

His love and mercy are displayed on His creation of humanity in numerous ways as God continually draws humanity back to Him. God is a God to be feared, known, and loved. He is the one who receives all glory, honor, and praise (Diffey, para. 8).
God in His goodness and creativity created humans in his own image (Genesis 1:27). Humanity is created with both a body and a spirit. Being made in His image means that we have qualities of His nature in us (CWV 101 Lecture 2, 2015). We are created to have a relationship with God and with one another. That relationship is displayed in the Garden of Eden when God, Adam, and Eve walk and talk together. God gives Adam instructions and the man carries them out (Diffey, para. 20). It is a part of human nature to work and to care for the earth (CWV 101 Lecture 3, 2015). All throughout time and culture, humans have included earth as a part of their lives by calling it Mother Earth. People have lived knowing the importance of the earth and caring for it (Stattler, p. 18). While we are not doing this to the fullness of our potential, we still inherently know it is important. The root cause of human problems began in Genesis 3 when Adam and Eve disobeyed God’s command to not eat from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. This disobedience is what brought death and evil into creation. Humans no longer walked in harmony with God or with one another. The consequences of the Fall

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