The False Sense Of Identity In America

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In America we have always believed there is only one real race, this race is American or commonly known as “white”. However, America does not possess a set race it does not even possess a set language. America began its cultural journey with the Native Americans. Later joined with the pilgrims and puritans with them came the Americanization of the land. The thriving economy of 1900 century America brought in a large number of immigrants. This, in turn, helped create America's diverse working class. The working class of America is diverse and vast in different cultures. As the immigration into America increases every year there is no doubt that even after the years the statue of liberty will always be seen as the symbol for the land of the brave and the free. Although, those who inhabit the land have forgotten the principles America was built in and often scrutinize those who come searching for a better tomorrow. America the False Sense of Identity “One flag, One land, One heart, One hand, One nation Evermore” – Oliver Wendel Holmes. America has for centuries been seen as the place where dreams can be achieved and freedom is for everyone. America has always been seen as the place you come to find a new beginning and a better life. This is the American dream we often see in films and works of literature. A large number of professionals have stipulated that the world was once a single continent named Pangea. The stipulation states that Pangea later separated into the world

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