The Fashion Design Of Zara

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Among fashion design retailers, one of the well known fashion design retailer company is Zara. According to the New York Times (2012) describes that Zara is the Spanish retailer company was founded by Amancio Ortega and Rosalia Mera in 1975. Zara holds other brands such as Pull and bear, Uteque, Massimo Dutti, Bershka and Stradivarius. Zara word is derived from Zorba. The expansion of company started with store opening in Portugal in 1980. Zara got success to put its name in US market in 1989 and French market in 1990. When different brand was introduced and new name was introduced as Inditex. By the time of 2009 it holds one thousand seven hundred and fifty-one stores worldwide which had an income of over nine billion US dollars. The aim of company is to contribute sustainable development of society and that of the environment where they interact. The company focuses on environmental protection and commitments towards the waste by re-using and recycling method.

Task 1 Introduction of Ratio Analysis and its types

Ratios analysis is the way to calculate the company operating and financial performance through profitability, liquidity, gearing, investing and activity ratio. According to (2015) explains that ratio analysis determines trends and find out the strengths and weakness of the company. While calculating, data and information are compared with past ratios within the company and different company. After through study on data and information
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