Essay on The Fault In Our Stars is a Novel by author John Green

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The Fault In Our Stars is a novel by author John Green. The story followed the leading character, Hazel Grace Lancaster, as the she battled cancer. Not simply did Hazel want to live the normal life of a 16-year-old girl, but she additionally struggled with what it would probably be like for her parents after she passed away. While Hazel attended a church support class for cancer survivors, she met a boy that was one year older than her, Augustus Waters. While Augustus had a kind of cancer that caused him to lose his leg in addition to wear a prosthetic, it also had a survival rate that was much higher compared to Hazel's.
From the first day that Hazel and Augustus encountered, the two are practically inseparable. The basis of their relationship ended up being Hazel's beloved book, An Imperial Affliction. She required Augustus to read it and in return, he required her to read the book that was the basis of his favorite game. Hazel related to the character in the book, Anna, because she had a rare blood cancer malignancy. Augustus and Hazel bonded within the book because both of them had a burning desire to determine how the story ended, because the author stopped the book before providing the conclusion on what happened to every one of the characters.
Augustus joined Hazel's quest for the book's author, Peter Van Houten, to deliver the answers which they needed. Augustus even relied on a wish foundation to help fly him in addition to Hazel to Amsterdam, the location where…