The Federal Government Should Be Legal

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I believe that the federal government should have more say in education system. Educational funding should have nothing to do with local tax dollars, especially the property taxes. Funding schools mainly through property taxes has made the education disparities among different areas worse and worse. The property taxes should be collected into a federal fund which will be distributed among schools according to student needs and school sizes. The federal government can also use this fund to expand or build more new schools in economically disadvantaged areas to reduce the school crowdedness and large class sizes. Another thing the government can do is hiring more qualified teachers by increasing salary and benefits to attract better candidates. Financial incentives should be provided to those unlicensed Math and Science teachers to motivate them receive continued education to obtain the teaching license in those areas. Ideally, unlicensed teaching should be prohibited eventually after certain period of time for reeducation and new hiring process. America should have a more advanced, nationally unified curriculum for grade schools. I am always surprised to see how much the schools’ curriculums vary. There is usually an outline for what should be covered in each grade. But the depth of the subjects are often left for the school and teachers to decide. This loose arrangement can provide lots of room for a motivated teacher to be creative and inspiring. However, it also do not
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