The Field Of Sport Leadership

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There were a total of 30 people interviewed throughout this research. There were fifteen men and fifteen women, all of which are in a profession that is related the field of sport leadership. The subjects were randomly selected. There were 5 athletic directors, 10 athletes, 3 sportscasters, 7 athletic administrators, and 8 were a part of the academia side of athletics. The subject pool consisted of fourteen African Americans, ten Caucasians, and six Latin Americans. Each race was divided into equal parts: male and female. The age range for the subjects ranged from 22 years old to 50 years old. Interviews are a form of qualitative research, and was deemed the best way for the researchers to gather information on the topic. There was much brainstorming associated with building the questionnaire for this research. The researchers had to come up with a way to answer each aspect of the topic. The researchers were able to divide the topic being examined into five parts: leadership, coaching, equal pay, presentation, and team sports. Each section was different, but each other related in some way back to the presentation of females in team sport leadership. Three pilot studies took place to ensure validity of the questionnaire, and then edited by the researchers to better suit the study. See Appendix I. The questions were randomly selected by the researchers to gather information on people’s views about females in sport leadership roles. The process of selecting questions for each

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