Sports Management : A Wide Array Of Job Opportunities And Possibilities

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A Sports Management Degree offers a wide array of job opportunities and possibilities. Sports management careers are popular due to the passion many people have for athletics and it allows non-athletes to work within the sport field. One aspect to note is that there are 3 main segments within this field. These include; sports performance, production, and promotion. Each offer unique opportunities in the athletics field. A performance career would be a Recreation Worker, a production career would be an University Athletic Director (A.D.), and a promotion career would be a Sports Event Planner. Ultimately, after analyzing all 3 sectors, the production segment distinguishes itself in terms of size and scope, growth trends, and it allows the non-athlete the most opportunity to direct and guide University athletics.
Size and Scope
The size and scope of an athletic director is much greater and vast than that of a recreation worker and a sports event planner. First off, a Recreation Worker does have to manage different programs within a park, instruct classes, and be able to administer first aid if necessary (“Recreation Worker,” n.d.) However, they do not deal with the same amount of stress Athletic Directors do. A.D.’s deal with more students and responsibilities. An A.D. at a university can have over 1,000 athletes to deal with and manage. Not only this, but an athletic director also has to oversee his staff. He has to ensure the team has adequate funds for each department,…

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