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Question 1
SPPV (1949) focuses on the education of a student being the responsibility of the student but responsibilities of student affairs professionals in coming to the forefront of the education process (Carpenter, 2011). SPPV (1937) focus on the student as a whole person including physical condition, relationships, vocational skills, emotional stability, and moral and religious values (ACE, 1937). However, SPPV (1949) was written shortly after the end of World War II and the authors seemed to focus more on democracy and the change in student population at the university level (ACE, 1949). After World War II many of the returning veterans took advantage of the GI Bill and now student affairs professionals were dealing with a more …show more content…

Higher Education between 1945 and 1970 was known as the “Golden Age” and SPPV (1949) came right at the beginning of this era (Thelin & Gasman, 2011). In 1945 the federal government used the Servicemen’s Readjustment Act (GI Bill), to offset the pressure of hundreds of thousands returning war veterans into a job market that was not able to handle them all (Thelin & Gasman, 2011). The GI Bill provided a policy for increasing the diversity of student at both colleges and universities (Thelin & Gasman, 2011). The influx of students stressed many campuses because they did not have enough faculty and staff to accommodate the students as well as the physical environment to house all the students (Thelin & Gassman, 2011). The stress involved with the increase of students even further shows the need for SPPV (1949) pushing the separation between student services staff and faculty, because faculty simply did not have the time to advise and work with every new student now enrolling in the higher education system. Parker (1978) shows that during the 1960’s most colleges and universities had whole divisions dedicated to student affairs professionals, which were not present in the past and directly reflective of SPPV (1949). SPPV (1949) laid out 17 services of a student personnel program that became divisions by the 1960’s (Parker, 1978). The view of the student also changed after SPPV (1949) and student affairs professionals had to change how they viewed students in a social

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