The Fight Scene Analysis

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The first section is a representation of when the meeting of Collin and Nancy occurred in the diary. I choose to represent this by scattering around music notes on all sides since it was sort of like a rock concert .The uneven colorful patches all around them stands for the commotion and mix up after the rednecks came in . This is one of the factors that cause her to have an asthma attack and he calms her down and grabs her tightly . I drew her with her hand on him to show her being calmed down. He makes her feel safe , this is why I drew them close .As her aunt does not come to pick her up ,she sobs and he again comforts her closely . The bright color represents her enthusiasm for meeting such an interesting guy to talk to . Almost like a ‘’ brother’’. This scene is important because it is the start of her so thought love which leads to her tragedy .It also shows how he portrays a fake image …show more content…

I Choose to represent this by drawing two hands wine wine in them. This shows the alcohol involved in this part. I also drew fire flames . This is to emphases the risky provocative situation in which she was in . She was all by herself and he was getting more touchy with there .The main color in my flames is red , this is to represent the color of passion which is what goes on as he grabs her . As my main background , I used black, this is to show the time of day for this event , past midnight . The word ‘’NO’’ is in print capital letters this is to to show her disapproval when he rapes her . She states reasons and says No. Still his response was the same there was no answer he just did it and left. All these elements are needed because this scene is so purposeful . Its purposeful because it shows how a simple house alone date turned into a risky behavioral situation. This really demonstrates how her voice was ignored and Collin decided to have sex with her despite her

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