The Film Killing Us Softly 4 : Advertising 's Image Of Women

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The Traditional Roles of Men and Women Traditionally, the upbringing of boys and girls define the way one will act in the world as men and women. Throughout a person’s lifetime many defining factors will influence who he/she becomes and how he/she views him/herself. The films Killing Us Softly 4: Advertising’s Image of Women, by Jean Kilbourne (2010), and Tough Guise 2: Violence, Media, and the Crisis in Masculinity, by Jason Katz (2013), have portrayed extensive knowledge on the proper way boys and girls should act according to societal norms. The videos take a standpoint on opposing the way men and women are supposed to be seen as masculine or feminine traditionally and express the need for change. The authors of these films have …show more content…

Being violent gives man respect and masculine credibility (Katz, 2013). The focus should be on addressing the issue of men feeling the need to be violent to be masculine. Men should not need to feel as if violence should be the answer to their problems. Much more reasonable alternate solutions can be used to mediate a situation rather than using violence. Men are raised to believe one needs to be tough to be successful and masculine. This problem will never be solved unless people become aware that masculinity is not defined by violence. Females have been constantly shamed for generations if one does not act, dress or look a certain way. The media has been a major influence on women from a young age on how one is perceived in society. The media has created an impossible goal for women to achieve. The media will take multiple different parts of women that are seen as perfect and Photoshop them and put them on billboards (Kilbourne, 2010). This makes young girls lead a life where one will inevitably fail to what she has always been shown as the ideal women. This causes eating disorders, depression and low self-esteem in women, which leads to mass amounts of unnecessary cosmetic reconstruction surgeries (Kilbourne, 2010). This is just one negative issue with the way societal norms degrades women. Women are constantly portrayed as objects and to be viewed as lesser than a male. The way men are shown of needing a masculine side and cannot show femininity

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