The Final General Principal Of Development

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When the average person thinks about growing up it is more than likely that they do not think about the term development. Yet Anita Woolfolk defined development in Educational Psychology as, “Orderly adaptive changes we go through between conception and death that remain for a reasonably ling period of time” (2014). Therefore, we are going through development all our lives. Now, there are a few principles of development. The first of which is that people do not develop at the same rate. Everyone has seen evidence of this principle. Think of the child in class who took much longer to grasp a concept than the rest of the students. Then there was the child that seemed to know everything or catch on to everything very quickly. Next is, the principle that development is relatively orderly. That is people walk before they run, they mumble nonsense before they can speak, and so forth. The final general principal of development is that development is a gradual process. It takes time for example for, “a student who cannot manipulate a pencil or answer a hypothetical question may well develop this ability, but the change is likely to take time” (Woolfolk, 2014). There was been a long debate about which is more of an important factor in development nature or nature. Those that believe nature is a more important factor are known as nativist and according to, “Their basic assumption is that the characteristics of the human species as a whole are a product of

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