The Final Solution from Witnesses to the Holocaust

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The years of 1941 and 1942 paint a vivid description of ugly, taking place events too hard to take in, and the death of 6 million innocent people. The Final Solution in an excerpt from Witnesses to the Holocaust: An Oral History, where Sam Bankhalter and Hinda Kibort detail their horrifying account of Hitler’s rash and day to day life in the Nazi concentration camps where they were imprisoned. The Final Solution was a plan systematically matriculated by the Nazi to exterminate European Jews by placing them in work camps designed for certain death.
Sam Bankhalter was just fourteen at the time when he was captured by the Nazis in his native land of Poland and exiled to Auschwitz. In a detailed account he paints the picture of life as a Jew during Hitler’s fury and the unimaginable accounts of terror that occurred. According to Bankhalter, racism of European Jews was already occurring in Poland even before Hitler invaded, and their slogan was “Jew get out of here and go to Palestine.” He accounts of being beaten and spit on the school grounds on a daily basis, long before Hitler invaded. Bankhalter describes his journey to the ghetto as laced with barbed wire and Nazi mocking Jews cutting off men’s beards and beating them as they yelled at the Jews to assemble. The Nazi’s only gave them about twenty minutes to pack, leaving them time to only gather the necessities, which would only be stripped from them later. Bankhalter was only in the ghetto for a short time, and then sent
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