The Finances of Being an Artist

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Finances for an artist can be one of the toughest topics to be brought into discussion when thinking about starting their own business. This shouldn’t be a shock to any artist since there are major finance issues behind every field of being a successful artist. To put it into simple context, being an artist of any kind is costly. First, there is a variety of how expensive a career can be to an artist all while depending on the type of work you put in. While considering art, you have many issues to take into account such as finding and paying for a workspace, supplies, and the time to be productive. Searching for and affording a space to work in is an important topic for any artist. Artists need a proper facility to house the right equipment such has being a designer, painter, sculptor, etc. Unless you are wealthy right after art school moving into a big city where space is expensive isn’t really the smartest choice. Many artists have turned to New York after graduating and experienced financial times very hard. It is quite common for many young artists to migrate into a large city, finding themselves paying tons of money for a small studio or apartment. My advice to anyone starting in this field would be to look elsewhere for work, in a much less expensive setting where you can start off and be financially stable. Starting off elsewhere will be beneficial to any artist while gaining experience while building up a professional body of artwork before they move into a big

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