The Financial Fair Play ( Ffp )

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Football has seen itself undergoing a paradigm shift in the past decades. As European football grew into the gigantic monolith it is today, an inflow of money found its way into the coffers of the Union des Associations Européennes de Football (UEFA). The Financial Fair Play (FFP) regulations were initiated in principle to create a level playing field between clubs owned by business tycoons and those who are a bit more moderate in comparison. It is a sad sight that today, European club football is in truth, nothing short of an oligopoly of about ten clubs. This distorts the competitive balance not only among them, but among leagues all over Europe. Even though the FFP has been roped in to prevent this there have been widely publicized doubts over its claims of causing a harmonised and tighter regulation for all European clubs. It might be ineffective owing to its incompleteness, plausible inefficacy and humungous costliness. Even though the regulations are welcome with regards to controlling debt, hopes that it will make football more ethical and competitive, are foolhardy. Only time will tell as to how the ‘beautiful game’ will respond to FFP and how ‘fair’ and effective it really is.

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It is always desirable for a sense of fairness to be involved in all spheres of life, be it anything. Even more so in the case of sporting events; for irregular disparities are often reasons for an
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