The Finger That Will Never Heal

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The Finger That Will Never Heal
Cristina Welsh
“Close the door. Close the door! CLOSE THE DOOR! I said CLOSE THE DOOR!” I heard this and assumed a bee was circling around her head. I was laughing until I heard the pain and agony in her voice. I shut the door afraid of what was happening. Then I saw…
My little brother Gavin had just scored three goals in his soccer game. This is the most he had scored all season, keep in mind he’s only six years old. The entire family, Mom, Joe, Gavin, Mackenzie, and I, was elated off of what might be the best game all season. We were off to go to eat some dinner to celebrate the amazing game. Mexican of course. You can’t live in Heber Springs, Arkansas and not celebrate an event without Mexican food. After
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By now Mom had appeared at our side of the car and quickly went to Mackenzie’s aid. I was queasy and was about two seconds away from getting sick. Mom asked with urgency in her voice, “What just happened, honey?” “I had my hand in the door while I was tying my shoe and when Cristina opened her door it got caught in that thing and OWWWW!”
I looked over at what she was pointing at and saw a mechanism that looked like tree clippers. I couldn’t inspect this object for long. Not only was I about to get sick, but I also was hyperventilating so bad I was having a hard time breathing.
“Ok honey let 's go to the bathroom.” Mom was always great at handling gross stuff like this. I, however, was not. I quickly sprinted over to the grass for a second and vomitted. I knew it was going to happen. So, I was glad it was happening when no one could see me. When I was done, I went back, checked on Gavin, and realized that Joe had left before any of this had happened. I then remembered that he was going back to work and was probably too far away to come back by know. I got in the car, and soon after, I saw Mom with Mac. Luckily her finger wasn’t dripping blood anymore, but it was DEFINITELY still bleeding. When they got in, Mom immediately called a nurse we know and faced timed her.
“She got it stuck in the door, and I can’t tell if it’s not as bad as we all think, or if it’s really

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