The Finnish School System

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In 1821, the first school system was created in Boston, Massachusetts. Horace Mann, The Father of the Common School movement, believed that a free common school system was the best means of achieving social and economic equality through an educational system. Finland outperforms every other school education system in the world, while America is ranking at thirty-six. If Americans can change everything from cars, phones, and facebook, then Americans owe it to themselves to change our school system. In the Finnish school system, children do not start school until they reach the age of seven. Despite the fact that they start so late, they do not fall behind in classes because they start school when their brains start to develop. In addition to starting school in the later years of their lives, the students are not tested in what they learn for the first six schools years. In fact, they only have one standardized test at the age of sixteen. The size of the students in a classroom is smaller so that the teacher may focus on each and every …show more content…

A teacher readies students for the next step in life, yet they get paid as they make no difference. As Prince Ea said, “A doctor can reach the heart of a student and make it to where he lives, but a teacher can touch the heart of a student and allow him to truly live “. With that being said the career of teaching should receive the same income of a doctor. Even though Americans may not realize it, the teachers that touch the heart of a kid and truly care about that student can be credited to raising that student and having an effect on their actions. Sadly, because of the way teachers are paid, most teachers do not put all the effort into affecting the lives of their students. They treat their jobs as any regular job when in fact they are teaching the students who will be their

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