The Fire Of School Walls

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I’d never thought about dying before until the incident. Death seemed like something that came later on in life. A tragedy that only fell upon the shoulders of the elderly. It never occurred to me that it could happen to anyone; at anytime. Even within the safety of school walls I had seen it, but I never could believe it. I’d hear about the lives that were taken too soon from kids who I grew up admiring; kids who I had once walked along side with in the hallways. But not even seeing the tears that fell down their faces and the cries that would abrupt out of nowhere from their bodies could make me see the reality of it. My head could not wrap around the thought that God would take such a young life. That he would even consider taking a child from their parents. It all seemed surreal, until it happened so close to home. I remember the day as though it was yesterday. Every single thought that went through my mind, every movement I made, every tear I had shed. I remember being happy coming off the bus, I remember complaining as I struggled to open the gate, and I remember my mother stepping out of the car with tears streaming down her face. I had never seen her cry until that day. At that moment I knew something was wrong. I knew something bad had happened; and the worst part of it all was that I already knew what she was about to tell me. It’d been five years since I had the nightmare of my cousin’s death. I had never said anything in fear that people would accuse me of
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