The Fire Service

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Answer -1
The fire service has been existent in the Australian continent for a very long. Historically, it has been observed to be a profession dominated by males. Women form a very small percentage of the rank of fire-fighters. It is to be understood that the barriers that women face in a blue-collar job like that of a fire-fighter might be behavioural, attitudinal and even structural in nature (Chikerotis, 2006). These barriers often act as a hindrance in the path of progress for many women in any blue-collar male-dominated job. As per researches the major perspectives that helps in explaining …show more content…

Thus it can be safely assumed that the representations by the media are neither objective nor neutral in nature. These representations by the media are constructing a play and are playing an important part in giving out ideas (Gorman, & Gorman, 2010). Thus the question arises at this point, is the media really producing the different ideologies or are they just reflecting the ideologies of the present society. In this modern age it is very difficult to segregate the mirrored reality from the created reality. These days the media is omnipresent. It is composed of various forms of modern day technology and communication methods. We are growing up in a world that cannot be devoid of media, especially digital media. The major question that makes round nowadays is whether the media is helping in forming a self identity which lacks any self esteem. It is a widely known fact that Face book is one of the most used social sites in the modern world. Professionals and psychiatrists believe that we are hooked onto a social website as it helps to portray us in a manner which increases our self esteem (Kleinberg, McMahon, Barrett, & Nelson, 2005). Thus it can be observed that the media has a huge role to play in forming our identity as well as forming our ideologies and beliefs. Example of gender discrimination in media can be obtained from shows such as “FATHER KNOWS BEST” or “LEAVE IT TO BEAVER”, moreover the newspapers and any other print media

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