The First Amendment Right To Freedom Of Social Media

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Social media. People’s daily lives revolve around social media sites such as Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube; the growing number of social media sites and users has increased the likeliness of these social media sites being used as news sources. Protecting the freedom of speech on social media will spread important worldwide news like wildfire, informing users of social media sites about current events quickly and expands the knowledge people have on situations happening in different countries that can’t be or aren’t reported by news reporters.
Social media takes up a considerable portion of people’s lives. A myriad of people use social media; this makes news stories and articles on social media sites are a convenient way for people to obtain information about current events happening around the world. The author of Journalism and the Digital Revolution states, “Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest have become integral parts of the reporting process and vital connections …show more content…

Mary Harvey, the author of The Role of the News Media, states, “The growth of cable TV, 24-hour news, and Internet blogs has pushed mainstream reporters to be even quicker in breaking stories. This can lead to the publishing or airing of stories without their facts being thoroughly checked” (par. 19). This explains that since anybody can access the Internet and social media, data and information can be released to the public without any research being performed beforehand; resulting in rumors and fallacious statements spreading like wildfire on the Internet. However, my claim of social media being fully protected by the First Amendment right to freedom of the press still holds strong; although speculations and false ideas may surface on the web, there are enough people on the Internet and social media that express opposing ideas that inaccurate information is

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