The First Attribute Of An Effective Teacher

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The first attribute of an effective teacher is awareness. Teachers have to see that each child has a specific thing they will need. As we learned in class sometimes a band-aid doesn’t cover it. In middle school I had a drama teacher who was incredible. Towards the end of the school year I was called the office for something. I was almost suspended for something I did not do. When I came back to class she could tell I was visibly upset. She did not give a band-aid, she gave me hug. She took me out into the hall and ask me what happened. I explained the situation and she believed because she was aware of my behavior in her class and elsewhere. In that moment though I had no special educational need she was aware that I needed a hug, some tissues and a break for class that day.

The second attribute of an effective teacher is respect. The important thing about this, is that to create a culture of learning the students and teachers must respect each other. The teacher has to understand each home culture. The culture of the student practices at home whether that be similar to their own or different. Each child has a different way of interacting with adults. In some cultures, such as Chinese culture, looking down and not making eye contact actually means respect for elders. In Deaf culture you don 't beat around the bush, if you have something to say just say it. Growing up it was normal for my family to talk with their hands, not sign language but using gestures and
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