The First Doctor From Doctor Who Said Is The Optimist

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The Ninth Doctor from Doctor Who said, “I am and always will be the optimist. The hoper of far-flung hopes and the dreamer of improbable dreams.” My community of Laredo, Texas have been problems in learning English and an increase of ESL students in our schools. This a border city from the United States and Mexico. I want to have the students learn English so they could go to universities or college not have issues in English. I want to use three kinds of linguistics and literature to have students learn English. The students would benefit with this kind of program in school to learn English. This would help my community to have more knowledge in English because Spanish we all know since we do international business. This would help our…show more content…
The variation will see the accents, chronological of English language, and the social communication. We need them to understand the difference of accents in different areas of Texas. Just because someone might say the word different but it means the same. The teacher needs to make the children understand that having an accent is nothing wrong because everyone has one. We need to teach the teachers about historical roots of English or chronological development of English language. They need to understand how the language of English has changed and developed. Once, they learn this then they could apply how technology is changing language. The students need to understand that language changes and will keep changing but they need to understand that language is a tool of communication. Then introduce students how to use language in social events. That it’s different to speak in a presentation than how you speak to your friends. They could speak different according to the event or situation. In the other hand, psycholinguistics which “an interdisciplinary fields that examines how people use language to communicate ideas.”(Barnitz 7) Teachers will focus on three basic rules surface structure, deep structure, and transformational rules. Surface structure is words that represent actual spoken or written language. The need to understand that words have representation and meaning. Deep
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